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 Scene Of The Accident
 "Saving Lives Through Training"


Extrication 2014 is a 3 hour classroom course that will provide you with the latest information on new vehicle technology, and changes in procedures required to work with new vehicle designs and construction materials. For 2014, the greatest challenges you will face are the increased use of Aluminum, higher voltage Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, and higher standards in crash testing, resulting in new construction designs and higher strength steels.


Heavy Rescue is designed to provide you with the information you need to size-up, stabilize, and extricate patients from crash sites involving trucks, busses, and heavy equipment. Working with Heavy Wreckers and lifting heavy loads are also covered, along with procedures for gaining access and creating a safe work zone. This course, like our others can be presented as a 3 or 6 hour class with classroom or hands-on combinations. We will work with you to design a presentation that meets the needs and current level of training for your Department.


Ultimate Vehicle Rescue is a customizable course that is designed to meet your specific needs. The classroom portion of the course can be presented as a 3 hour informational class, or as a 6 hour Train-The-Trainer class. The classroom portion of this course covers vehicle design, construction materials, new high-strength steels, scene safety, vehicle stabilization, and extrication. This course is designed to update and enhance your current training from the basic to the most advanced.

The hands-on portion of the course can be presented as a 3 hour basic class, or a 6 hour advanced class. Everything from how tools operate and the proper use of tools, to working with advanced high strength steels and aluminum alloys is covered. The latest in extrication techniques and procedures are demonstrated in a variety of scenarios, with a focus on safety. Rapid extrication and working with Hybrid and Electric vehicles are also covered in detail. The goal of this course is to provide you with all of the information you will need to get the job done with whatever tools you have available, including Electric, Hydraulic, and Hand-Tools.