Scene Of The Accident
 "Saving Lives Through Training"



R4D is a 3 hour classroom course developed to provide First Responders with the information they need to properly handle and care for persons with disabilities at the scene of a motor vehicle accident or mass casualty event. This course covers advanced extrication and safety procedures for mobility vehicles equipped with special devices for the disabled, more advanced steels, altered and additional restraint systems, and electric and hybrid systems. Special procedures required when working with prisoner vehicles with advanced restraint and containment devices are also outlined.


Objectives: On completion of this course, students will be able to identify and categorize persons with disabilities at an accident scene or mass casualty event and initiate the appropriate diagnosis and care for each disability. Students will also learn how to recognize mobility and prisoner vehicles with ultra-high strength steels, alternative restraints, and high voltage/high pressure systems, and execute the best extrication procedures to safely and efficiently remove their occupants.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.


Course Outline:

    1. Identifying Disabilities

    2. Care and Handling of the Disabled

    3. Triage for the Disabled

    4. Mobility Vehicles

    5. Prisoner Vehicles

    6. Extrication Procedures


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